Marissa Mae Tight Pussy Screwed

Marissa Mae Prefers Big Cock

Marissa can’t fill the cups of the huge bras she tries on with her microscopic tits…and that’s a good thing! We like them flat and little around these parts. Marissa doesn’t believe her boyfriend when he says he likes little boobs, but by the end we think he changed her mind.

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After Marissa gets her pussy smashed by his meat hammer, how could she not think that he likes her tits? Any doubt left was surely removed by the massive glazing he gave her mosquito bites. Now it’s your turn to show Marissa your appreciation for flat chests.

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Sammy Daniels Hardcore Fucked Big Cock

Sammy Daniels Tight Pussy Got Screwed

The more cock Sammy experiences, the sluttier she gets. Now that she’s gone for a couple of rounds in our studio, she’s learning tricks like how to slobber on a cock and spread her cheeks wide so you can see the full penetration.

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Sammy is obviously turned on in this set because we see her pussy cream all over our stud’s shaft. “How could I not be turned on with a big cock like that?” Sammy said. “And I’m feeling more comfortable in front of the camera, which makes it easier for me to cum. In this scene I came twice!”.

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Alexis Adams Pose Naked on Her Lingerie

Alexis Adams Naked in Bed

You always remember your first–especially when it’s on-camera! Although we ran a hardcore layout of Alexis in the April ’13 issue, this was actually the first time she fucked on-camera. She was adorably nervous but made it through, and with such a huge cock, too! “When I saw his dick I totally freaked out,” she told us afterwards. “It was the biggest one I’d ever seen.

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I didn’t know if I was going to be able to handle it.” But she did! Alexis went from tuggin’ to fuckin’! ”At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to do hardcore, so I agreed to just do that tug job with Juan. But I got really turned on from that and started to feel bold. I was like, okay, I can do this! After that, having sex on-camera seemed like it’d be fun.

And it was the perfect opportunity to get my first facial. Once I got over my nerves I was able to really enjoy it.” How did it feel to experience a cock that big for the first time? ”It was great. I wouldn’t consider myself a size queen, but after that I knew how awesome big cocks feel.

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Tali Dova Finger Pussy Outdoors

Tali Dova Hot on Her Bikini

If Tali looks like a nice girl, it’s because she really is one. This Michigan-born cutie (who now lives in Florida) likes to play video games and is able to crochet a hat in four hours. When it comes to dating, she just wants to have a nice time with a guy she cares about. Her favorite job was working at a day care. But just because a girl is nice doesn’t mean she can’t like cock, too.

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“I like to have rough sex. Being pounded doggy style is my fave.” Tali’s boobs just popped up this year. ”I know my boobs aren’t really big or anything, but I was totally flat until I was 18. Then out of nowhere they started to grow, and they’re still growing. I hope they don’t get too much bigger because guys are starting to notice, and well, I get kind of embarrassed by the attention. It’s like, I like it. But guys never paid attention to me before so it makes me all shy.

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Sammy Daniels Fucked Huge Cock

Sammy Daniels Knows How to Pleased Big Cock

Sammy is a cute blonde with a skinny body and a little ass. She and her boyfriend decide to have a little fun at her place while her parents are out. When you’re a teen, you have to take advantage of an empty home.

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That means her boyfriend picks her up and fucks her in the air in the most flagrant manner right in the living room. Better hope mom and dad don’t come home to find their sweet, little daughter getting pounded!

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